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Welcome to Keel Project Management, where we lead in the delivery of complex building projects on behalf of tenants, developers, and institutional clients. Our approach surpasses conventional project management by immersing ourselves in understanding the distinctive culture and vision of each client. This profound insight empowers us to orchestrate intricate space solutions tailored to the specific requirements and constraints of each engagement. Through study and analysis, we pinpoint key drivers, devise alternative solutions, and construct comprehensive execution plans in alignment with the project objectives. Our seasoned professionals adeptly lead a team of industry experts, ensuring strict adherence to schedule, budget, and program solutions. Keel Project Management is a symbol of reliability, dedicated to client satisfaction and the cultivation of enduring relationships.

The Keel Advantage

  • Relationship Focused: Our goal is to emphasize long-term relationships by building trust through successful project support; no matter the project size or complexity.
  • Executive Led: A project executive provides oversight to ensure client needs are met and project approach/execution is maintained throughout the engagement.
  • Mitigate Risks: We focus on identifying and mitigating impacts to schedule and budget throughout the project to meet the goals set at the onset.
  • Communicate Opportunities: Being able to articulate key decision points and different opportunities to the client allows informed decisions to be made and implemented.
  • Choosing by Advantages: Having a detailed approach to support clients making critical decisions through weighted priorities allows expedited and documented decisions.
  • Leveraging Connections: Longstanding relationships across sectors and with a wide array of vendors and consultants allows us to recommend additional resources to support the project.
  • Utilize LEAN: Pull planning, continuous improvement, and other initiatives have proven cost and schedule savings across a variety of projects.
  • Supported by AI-based Software: Making the most efficient use of our time by leveraging artificial intelligence assistance in document drafting, review, and comparison.

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Advanced Manufacturing

National Defense

Mixed-Use Developments


Green Initiatives

Life Sciences

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Our Projects

Every project has a story. Here’s a glimpse at the tales of transformation we’ve brought to life.

About Us

With over 140 years of experience collectively between the leadership of Keel plus the very capable younger members of the firm, our clients can rest assured that their projects are in good hands. This level of experience can often help us identify problems before they occur, but if they do, Keel is also well suited to correcting them. Importantly, our firm’s experience and use of LEAN, ensures that projects will be set up correctly from the outset, promising a reliable process from start to finish. The number and diversity of industry sectors Keel has worked in is another benefit that inures to our clients. The conditions and protocols can differ from sector to sector in these different project types; there are very few that Keel has not worked under. Working with Keel means less risk on a project that, in turn, means they are delivered on schedule and on budget.


Keel Senior Management

Michael McDonnell

Mike founded Keel in 2014 after gaining significant experience leading life science and healthcare initiatives at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Mike’s process-driven approach and technical expertise has resulted in the successful planning and delivery of more than 6 million SF of complex projects across a variety of sectors. Mike graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Northeastern University and is a registered Professional Engineer.

Richard Barnett

Richard’s career began in the architectural millwork industry and then transitioned into construction management. Richard implemented ISO 9001 to manage his business, and then integrated lean methodology to streamline workflow. By steadfastly adhering to ISO and lean Richard‘s business excelled in producing outstanding projects, reducing costs, accelerating schedules, and ultimately providing exceptional VALUE for clients.

Bob Humenn, AIA

Bob Humenn is a Health Care Principal at Keel Project Management. Bob offers over 45 years’ experience in design, programming, planning, and management of healthcare facilities. In his work with medical/ambulatory care, hospital, academic medical centers, and other institutional facilities, Bob is a trusted advisor to senior management and users to define project goals and concepts. Clients particularly appreciate his hands-on approach and responsive leadership.

Dan Quinn

Dan began his career as an architect and subsequently switched to commercial real estate as a project manager. Since then, he has overseen the development of approximately 13 million SF of corporate, healthcare, higher-ed and non-profit institutions plus managing all consulting engagements. Dan graduated from Amherst College, Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture and its MBA program in corporate finance.